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    Smart repair tools shop You find all Smart repair systems, smart repair kit´s and single smart repair tools from HBC System, including PDR tools and smart repair spare parts, smart repair consumables, available through the produce request form.


Smart Repair Nyheder





  Nyhedsbreve arkiv


30-01-2017 Minor Damage and Smart Repair EXPO 2017
31-12-2016 Happy New Year
23-12-2016 Merry Christmas
24-11-2016 Open Factory & Smart Repair training
18-11-2016 Caravan Training
28-10-2016 Happy Halloween from HBC System
13-10-2016 Smart Repair Trolleys - New Range
01-09-2016 Automechanika 2016
15-07-2016 Happy Summer
20-04-2016 Introducing HBC Quote
03-03-2016 Open Factory Event in March
17-02-2016 Moving Sale
11-01-2016 Windscreen Removal System
30-12-2015 Happy New Year
23-12-2015 Merry Christmas
27-11-2015 Black Friday Deal - Training Courses
23-10-2015 Open Factory November 12-13
05-10-2015 Activity Calendar
19-08-2015 Caravan Salon Exhibition
12-06-2015 Open Factory Invitation - July 6-7
13-05-2015 Open factory Invitation
16-04-2015 Portable Color Scanner Package
13-03-2015 Headlight repair system
16-01-2015 Ozone Generator
31-12-2014 Happy New Years from HBC System
19-12-2014 Merry Christmas from HBC system
05-12-2014 Lotus / HBC system agreement!
04-12-2014 CARHEAL needs you!
02-12-2014 HBC System Germany - One-Year Anniversary Offer
01-12-2014 CARHEAL distributors wanted
07-11-2014 Smart Repair Trolleys and Smart Repair Report
31-10-2014 Electro-Magnetic Dent Removal and Induction system
20-10-2014 Open Factory Event - Nov. 3-4
13-10-2014 HBC - Easy Windscreen Removal System
25-09-2014 Open Factory - HBC System Asia Pacific
27-08-2014 Book a meeting at Automechanika 14
11-07-2014 HBC System at Automechanika 14
27-06-2014 Open Factory event - July 7-8
04-06-2014 Open Factory event - June 16-17
22-05-2014 Caravan Repair System E1
12-05-2014 New Smart Repair Product Catalogue
02-05-2014 Open Factory Event - May 14-15th
26-04-2014 CARHEAL distributors wanted
16-04-2014 Happy easter
28-03-2014 New Portable Color Scanner
21-01-2014 G Master 51 PDR Tool Kit
30-12-2013 Happy New Year 2014
20-12-2013 Happy holidays from HBC System
11-10-2013 Request Smart Repair Trainers or Technicians
23-09-2013 Product updates
17-09-2013 Open Factory Event - October 3-4
27-08-2013 Alloy Wheel Repair
15-08-2013 New PDR Lamp
03-07-2013 Nissan goes SMART
21-06-2013 HBC Smart Repair Training Academy
05-06-2013 HBC System at Automechanika Dubai 2013
15-05-2013 HBC System at Autopromotec Bologna
22-04-2013 HBC System at Automechnika Johannesburg
11-04-2013 Open Factory Event - April 29th - May 3rd
27-03-2013 Happy Easter
22-02-2013 Open Factory Event
31-12-2012 Happy New Year from HBC system
21-12-2012 Christmas Greeting from HBC System 2012
07-12-2012 New Smart Repair Trolleys
27-11-2012 Smart Repair Report
07-11-2012 Magnetic PDR systems
01-10-2012 Carheal launch
20-09-2012 HBC System at Automechanika 2012 - Thank you for your support

HBC System at Automechanika 2012

22-06-2012 Smart repair Youtube channel
07-05-2012 Smart Repair Catalogues
30-03-2012 Mazda UK
24-02-2012 Caravan System Update
17-02-2012 20% Off on PDR Tools
27-01-2012 Blog - HBC Smart Repair
09-01-2012 Win a Free Headlight Repair system from HBC
19-12-2011 Christmas Greeting from HBC System 2011
09-12-2011 Special Offer from HBC System
07-10-2011 New Headlight Repair System from HBC System
03-10-2011 HBC System at Equip Auto 2011
26-08-2011 HBC SMART REPAIR Training Calendar
04-07-2011 HBC Leather care system
27-06-2011 NEW 124 pages Smart Repair Product Catalogue from HBC system
01-05-2011 HBC system at Automechanika Middle East 2011
10-05-2011 Balancing Powder
19-04-2011 Open Factory Registration
18-04-2011 Caravan Repair Upgrade system 
01-04-2011 Magnetic PDR Tool
23-03-2011 Smart Air Filtrator
17-03-2011 HBC system on Smart Repair World Tour
28-02-2011 New HBC system Ozon Technology
17-12-2010 Christmas Greeting from HBC System 2010
09-09-2010 AutoMechanika - HBC Product Pre-Launch
20-08-2010 HBC System at AutoMechanika 2010
09-07-2010 2 minutes crack repair kit
08-06-2010 NEW State of the Art Windscreen Repair System from HBC system
22-12-2009 Christmas Greeting from HBC System 
21-12-2009 Reduce Co2 emission  - Want to reduce Co2 emission?
11-12-2009 Caravan Repair System
20-11-2009 PDR Tools “Paintless Dent Removal Tools”  SMART Repair PDR Tools
28-09-2009 New scanner from HBC Smarttool Production
18-09-2009 Air transport by JATA, chemicals and paint, and online payment  Air transport by JATA, chemicals and paint, and online payment  HBC System Smarttool Production
09-09-2009 Porsche AG contract with HBC System Smarttool Production  Porsche AG contract with HBC System Smarttool Production  HBC System Smarttool Production
29-05-2009 SMART Repair - Trolley XXL - XL - L
25-05-2009 Mouldmaker Clear  SMART Repair

Leather crack filler  SMART Repair


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