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1. How does a training schedule during the day look like?





1.In the training manual you can see an overview of every training day per system.




2. Do I need to have car parts or customer cars for the training?






2.  During the introduction training we are practicing on separate car parts and not on customer cars. After the training you can work on customer cars. In the training manual there’s a list with the parts needed for the introduction training.




3. I would like to have a training for my receptionist who has the daily contact with the customer. Do you have a special training how to sell the repairs to my customers?



3. We have a special receptionist training for the car dealer and bodyshop. During this training the receptionist learns how to do an inspection of the car and how to make an offer for the customer.




 4. Can I book a trainer for a special training in my own dealership?



4. You can book a trainer in your dealership per day. This training can be adjusted to your wishes.



5. I want to do a demonstration for my prospects but I don’t have a specialist who has been trained by you yet. What do I do?





 5. During the introduction training we can organize so called “Info sessions” where you can invite your prospects. During this info session the trainer makes a presentation of HBC, live demonstration and a calculation of the return on investment.

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