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1. System C - Spot repair

The color result in the Auto Refininsh program does not match the colors in the system



Remember to choose Environbase HP in the field "Mixing Schemes".

For further information: Download the guidance " How to search a color recept by color code in the AutoRefinish program" (PDF) 



2. B3 - how do I use the formulation book, I've downloaded from your website?













 1. Find the right color at the color selector - note the number of the 


  1. Find the number in the "Formulation book B3 Aqua"
  2. Weight out the colors - do not reset the scale between each weight
  3. Note that the weight indication pint is equal to gram
  4. If you need less quantity, simply reduce the stated grams (pint) percentage equally.

Note: Leather flex must be added to the paint if using on leather

Find more information in the Manual B (support login/Manuals)





3. HOW TO USE the product 00.029 CROSS LINKER?








The 00.029 Cross Linker is an ultimate additive for the aqua line. Cross Linker makes the Dyes more stabile and sticky on stressed areas like sterling wheel, high stressed areas on the edge.
00.029 Cross Linker  works only as an additive for the Aqua line of dyes. Add only five drops in 50ml. 






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