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    The new range of fully equipped SMART Repair Trolleys have been developed for the high-end SMART Repair specialists. They include all the necessary systems to make high-end repairs.


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Alu-fælge reparation maskine


Part no. 00.808 Alloy Wheel Repair Machine* 220v


HBC is introducing the latest equipment for the rapid repair of ALL alloy wheels! - painted, machine polished or clear coated.  



The Wheel machine has been designed to professionally repair and refurbish kerbed,scratched and corroded alloy rims, whether originally painted, machine polished or clearcoated. It cleans, repairs and polishes wheels quickly and to a high standard. Supplied with a comprehensive starter pack and structured training programme the Wheel machine provides a significant additional revenue stream to both existing and new start businesses.

  • It accepts all current car manufacturers alloy wheels up to 23" diameter
  • Variable speed turntable provides necessary flexibility
  • Motorised table allows turning of the rim using the pedal activation to avoid operator-movement around the unit
  • Wheels are clamped on the inside rim, locked in place by pneumatically driven clamps
  • Grinding and polishing carried out by "floating arm"
  • Pneumatic beadbreaker incl.


Sanding Pad Attachment: Sanding disc enables you to follow the contours of the rim to smooth out heavy damage and scratches, without getting "bumping" marks formed around the rim. Grading these disc down helps reduce polishing time, making the job QUICKER!


Bead Breaker: Internal bead breaker enables tyre beads to be released for access to the rim.


Fully Adjustable handle for greater flexibility for different users




Alloy Wheel Repair Machine - Part no. 00.808 Alloy Wheel Repair Machine* 220v




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